Flexibility of a Scissor Trailer
Durability of a Bunk Trailer

Flexibility of Scissor Trailer
Durability of a Bunk Trailer!

Taco-Tubing is an attachment for your Floating Matt that turns it into a Towable Tube!

TacoTubing Is an Attachment for Floating Matts that turns them into a Towable Tube!


The difference is night & day, these Stabilizer-Wheels make your pontoon trailering situation a breeze.

‘ It Drives like a float on ‘

Universal Attachment

These Wheels are designed to be attached to a variety of center-lift pontoon trailers.

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Center-lift trailers inherently possess a high-center of gravity — the Trailer Stabilizer – extends the wheel base & lowers the center of gravity to that of an average run-of-the-mill trailer.  



I just bought a used 26ft Avalon Pontoon that included a scissor lift trailer.  I had never used a scissor lift trailer, but I knew they were tippy.  We typically trailer a couple times a year on 500+ mile . . . Read More

Charlie S.

  Last year I was planning to tow my boat about 200 miles to a resort in Northern Minnesota and knew that the route involved all sorts of curvy roads, as well as a rugged/uneven path leading into the . . . ReadMore

Stabilizer Features

An Extended Wheel base means stability & Balance – This puts the Kia-Bash on Center-Lift Trailers that; teeter, tip, tilt, lean & list – just because the laws of physics say so,

Gusts of Wind in any trailering situation is uncomfortable:  take Decisive Action  to correct your trailers Drift; Free of the crippling fear that you might tip your pontoon over.

Any-Trailering Experience has those Nerve Racking moments; But being on a knives edge all the time?   ‘ No-More! ‘

 Drive on the Freeway with confidence

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